Facebook leading the way with artificial intelligence to find items lost

Facebook seem to be leading the way with some artificial intelligence that will be able to find items you have lost, or temporarily misplaced.

Titled Ego4D, the project is looking to improve upon the way AI currently interprets the human world, by giving it a first person perspective.

This is in hope to improve augmented reality, but it may have another purpose, n helping you find your misplaced keys.

In a blog Facebook has said, “next-generation AI will need to learn from videos that show the world from the centre of the action”.

The explain further that AI able to see from our perspective will greatly improve users’ experiences of AR and virtual reality.

Facebook recently purchased Oculus, a company focused on manufacturing and creating virtual reality headsets, however we haven’t seen any major improvements since the acquisition.

However, the company seems to be gearing up to release AR spectacles, which could be worn in day-to-day life and assist the user in tasks.

However, something that will greatly improve this is the AI understanding how we see the world, what is important to us.

13 universities and 9 laboratories across the globe have been pulled in to assist with the project, which included 855 persons walking around their day-to-day business working, relaxing and even exercising.

In total 3025 hours of video has been captured so far from a first-person perspective, this is greatly different from how existing AI systems are fed data, through third party perspective data sets.

Kristen Grauman, Lead Research Scientist at Facebook has said, “Next-generation AI systems will need to learn from an entirely different kind of data – videos that show the world from the centre of the action, rather than the sidelines,”

  • What happened when?
  • What am I likely to do next?
  • What am I doing?
  • Who said what when?
  • Who is interacting with whom?
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