Facebook valued at over a trillion dollars

Facebook has joined the global elite companies valued at over a trillion dollars as of yesterday’s market close.

The market closed with Facebook sitting at 1.008 trillion dollars, this is the first time Facebook has ever reached such a high valuation.

Facebook of course owns many subsidiary companies including Facebook Messenger Instagram WhatsApp and Oculus.

Of the US tech companies that have reached the $1 trillion valuation Facebook is the only one which was founded in the years following the year 2000.

Google is another of these companies however it was actually founded in 1998, Alphabet as it is now known wasn’t created till 2015

The news comes following the dismissal of an FTC case two unwind Facebooks Instagram and WhatsApp acquisitions, as the ruling from the federal judge is the FTC did not hold enough information to prove Facebook was acting as a monopoly..

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