Fast Charging Corsa April 2020

There is a new Corsa-e which will be hitting the roads soon, and this one has a battery to be proud of.

It’s not coming till April, but what we have heard so far is great, the car is going to have fast charging which will allow 160 miles of charge in just 30 minutes.

This means you shouldn’t get caught short looking for a charging point, as you will be able to stop at the services, have a coffee for any long runs.

With a 205 mile range in total , we are certainly heading the right direction for a city EV and with the standard speed charger filling the tank in 7.5 hours, its perfect for the run to work in the morning, provided your office isn’t 206 miles away.

Vauxhall hasn’t changed the world in design changes in their cars since the 1966 Vauxhall XVR, so the car style isn’t going to rock anyone’s world, but it’s still a pretty good looking motor.

The Corsa will as always still have the petrol or diesel options, meaning the filler cap for the E juice is in exactly the same place.

Unsurprisingly that is about all we know so far other than the cost, which will be around £26,490 after the UK government grant, so it does come in on par with the gas guzzling alternatives.
Now we just need the UK charging ports to catch up.

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