First driverless car revealed by GM’s Cruise

General Motors alongside Honda have teamed up in order to assist start-up, Cruise, to be their first driverless car.

Honda has developed the electric power-plant to move the large autonomous vehicle around.

The car was due to be launched last year, however there were some teething problems.

Now the car, which is missing both the steering wheel and pedals, is not a car you own, but for shared ownership.

“It’s not a product you buy, it’s an experience you share.” said Cruise spokesperson.

In order to assist in reducing emissions the Chief Executive at Cruise Dan Ammann sees the future where no individual owns a cars, but groups share them.

At the launch in San Francisco he has said, this is not a concept, “It is self-driven. It is all electric. It is shared.”

However, he also failed to share the details as to when the car will go into production or become available to the public to be shared.

It has yet to have recieved approval anywhere in the world to be driven on roads, and this will likely take a lot of testing, as we know the issues with drivrless cars are huge.

Honda currently hold a 5.7% share of cruise and back in 2018 that was valued at £2.1bn, which isn’t small change even for such a large corporation.

As we know electric vehicle manufacturing and autonomous vehicles will likely need to be shared between the larger manufacturers as the costs to research and develop are so high, especially alongside development of existing fossil fuel vehicles.

We heard about the Bosch and Mercedes team up just a few weeks ago, also working on driverless technology.

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