Ford electric Mustang Mach-E background updates

Ford has the fully electric Mustang Mach-E due to arrive to the market this year, all updates will be downloaded in the background with no manual intervention.

The new Ford is expected to be on customers driveways later this year, but the car you buy today, may not be the same car you have in a year, with features expected to be added to the car throughout its lifetime.

Ford has said the potential for over the air updates surpasses just the infotainment systems, “nearly all Mach-E computer modules can be updated wirelessly, meaning Ford can deliver performance enhancements and entirely new features that might not exist when customers first take delivery of their vehicles.”

Most of the updates will be delivered over night then installed when the car is started, some just taking 2 minutes to install.

There will be no disruption to the driver of the vehicle, a notification will then appear and the new features will be available. Some updates will be larger and may require the car to remain stationary for several minutes.

This does however cause me to rethink the issues recently surfaced, of how vehicles software currently has very few legal implications and some have personal data available to hackers.

The updates could include autonomous vehicle functionality or security updates, Ford haven’t given much away on that side of things.

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