Ford plans to introduce seven new electric vehicles in Europe

Ford has announced plans to introduce seven new electric vehicles in Europe with the aim of selling 600,000 of these by 2026.

Already it has been announced that Ford aim to have carbon neutrality by the year 2035 and this $2bn investment should assist.

The news follows the unveiling of the plans for Ford to be split into 2 separate businesses, one called Ford Blue, which will continue to develop fossil fuel vehicles.

The other will be specialised to EV’s and software development, Ford expects this arm of the company will contribute 50% of sales by 2030.

Last year Ford announced plans to spend $1bn on a conversion of an existing manufacturing plant in Germany to an all EV solution.

However, the company has now revised those figures and expects the conversion to cost $2bn, but with an expected output of 1.2 million EV’s.

The 2 new vehicles we know for sure about are the sport crossover with a range of 311 miles, and an electric Ford Puma, which will go into production in Romania in 2024.

There are two other EV’s already in production, including the Ford Transit, Ford Mach-E. Although many hybrids are also on the market.

“These new Ford electric vehicles signal what is nothing less than the total transformation of our brand in Europe.” stated Stuart Rowley Chairman of Ford Europe, ”a new generation of zero-emission vehicles, optimized for a connected world, offering our customers truly outstanding user experiences.”

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