Foxconn revenue down 29% unrest at the largest iPhone factory

Foxconn revenue is down 29% compared to October this is particularly relevant as they are a major Apple supplier and there has been mass unrest at the worlds largest iPhone factory.

The plant in Zhengzhou Chine has been closed once again due to yet another round of Coronavirus restrictions in the country.

The manufacturer is also responsible for PlayStation 5 consoles, so if you have one on the Christmas list don’t get your hopes up too much.

In a statement from the company it has been said, “The overall epidemic situation has been brought under control, with November being the most affected period, we are gradually moving toward the direction of restoring production capacity to normal.”

Additionally to the COVID restrictions, sourcing components and also discontent from the works has caused additional issues in delivery.

So much so that the company has offered bonuses to employees capable of recommending friends and family for recruitment.

Footage of strikes and protests in China due to the increased restrictions was leaked last month, since those leaks it seems the government has started to slacken the restrictions.

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