General Motors plans to build hydrogen generators

General Motors has announced plans to build power generators using hydrogen fuel cells and their own Hydrotec brand.

Eventually we could see hydrogen fuel cells replacing the standard generators we see today, using fossil fuels like petrol of diesel.

Hydrogen is very abundant in the universe, actually, the most abundant element available, so if we can make fuel from it then surely, we won’t run out.

Many automakers are currently developing hydrogen vehicles, despite the fact that electric has been the apple of many investors’ eyes for the past few years.

General Motors has developed the Hydrotec system as a power cube, capable of encompassing 300 individual hydrogen fuel cells.

The cubes can then be used throughout a variety of area, like the mobile generators or temporary EV charging stations.

Current plans only see the generators being allowed for purchase to Military and commercial customers.

However, General Motors has already given hints to interest in the residential market.

“Hydrotec power generators can quickly be deployed for disaster relief,” said Charlie Freese, executive director of GM’s Hydrotec division.

He then went on to say, “or it can provide backup for the electrical grid in areas that are experiencing rolling blackouts.”

General Motors has plans to expand the offering by offering different power outputs, ranging from 60kW to 600kW.

The biggest issue in this new power source is the availability, as hydrogen can’t just be picked up at your local corner shop.

Hydrogen has to be carefully stored and remain compressed in a liquified state for storage, these tanks have previously combusted and caused serious damage.

Hydrogen has a low volume of energy content in comparison to its volume, which means that high pressures are required for storage.

It will also require low temperatures or a chemical process to allow it to be stored in reduced volume.

Despite this, GM is also working on the hydrogen concept for lorries, as electric power severely reduces the range due to battery capacities.

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