Google acquisition of Fitbit approved following four months investigation

The Google acquisition of Fitbit has now been approved following four months of investigation from the European Commission.

Google bought the fitness tech company in November of 2019 for the value of $2.1bn, however the acquisition was then investigated.

The reason the investigation was introduced was due partly to the monopolisation effect it could have.

Google has made some pledges, which address the concerns raised by the investigators.

Some of the other concerns raised included targeted advertising for the Fitbit that would make it harder for competition and excluding third parties from using the Fitbit application.

Google has made commitments that counter these worries of the commission.

They will not use fitness or location data from the devices for advertising the European economic area.

They will also maintain third party accessibility to the Fitbit platform, and they will not degrade the experience of third-party smartwatches paired with the Android OS.

Google has committed to these for the following 10 years, so if you notice your non-Fitbit watch stop working you may wish to contact the European Commission.

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