Google delete apps which charge after being deleted

Applications for your handset have been around for years now, but some of you may not be aware that there are apps available on the play store, which will still charge you money if the trial lapses and you delete the app.

Google have now done a stellar job and removed all such unscrupulous applications with a free trial which automatically starts charging when the trial lapses.

A security company, Sophos found many apps from basic compasses to calculators that when the trial has lapsed will automatically charge the user, whether or not the app is still installed on the device

According to the Google terms and conditions you should cancel the apps prior to uninstalling. However, most companies are lenient and will not charge you once the app has been uninstalled, but some will just take your money.

According to Google’s terms and conditions, you should cancel any premium app before uninstalling it to avoid being billed in future. Most developers are quite lenient and take the fact that you’ve removed the app from your phone as meaning you want to cancel, but not all are so generous.

The worst part though is that the major culprits of this scheme are simple apps which you would likely uninstall and forget, not blockbuster apps such as “Angry Birds”.

15 apps were found in the first instance, and upon the research being handed over to Google they subsequently removed 14 immediately, however many more have been found since.

So to keep yourself safe ensure you check the fine print and we would recommend you cancel before uninstalling in all instances, finally be alert of any application that asks for payment details before starting your “free” trial.

Or if your feeling particularly worried just get the new Play Pass and get a few hundred apps for a fixed monthly cost.