Google Fit app with centralized health information

Google has made an announcement that in an update to the Fit app centralized health information and sleep tracking data will be available.

There will be updates to the Google Fit application both for Apple ad Android devices.

The release is due to start this week so you may see the updates before this weekend.

There will also be new tiles to the Wear OS smartwatch app, which is for workouts, weather and breathing exercises.

This meets expectations following the Google Fit redesign that began last year.

With the new home screen you will be able to see weekly goals, recent workouts, and health info like heart rate and weight trends from one place.

The sleep tracking has also been offered to third parties so there are many devices capable of assisting in tracking your sleep data.

All this information can then be synced to the Google Fit application and will allow you to clearly see your sleep patterns, in addition to setting goals and bedtime schedules.

Google says you’ll also be able to send stats, routes, and photos from your Google Fit workout journal entries via social media or messaging apps.

The new OS tiles will also allow you to check your workouts while on the move with reduced a cleaner user interface.

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