Google midrange, the smartphone for the smart pocket?

Declining sales led apple to release several cheaper options, now it seems Google have jumped on the same bandwagon.

Google have decided there is too much competition at the high end so they have announced they will be releasing a mid range smartphone.

It’s the time of year for the I/O developer conference, and it appears Google will have big news with the much anticipated Pixel 3A and 3A XL. Ruth Porat (Google/Alphabet CFO) has announced there is such pressure on the high end handsets and that has led to a decline in the sale of the Pixel in the past quarter against the same period 1 year ago.

It’s very clear that Samsung and Apple have led the race for years at the top end of the market and although Google had a good stab at it, customer loyalty is hard to beat. Also the increase in the price of the high end smartphone’s the past few years has led to owners holding onto their handset a little longer.

Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) has also recently been questioned as to whether investors should maintain morale following the aggressive hardware fight they have attempted to step into. However, a fair response was given to assure the investors that Google does not break out revenue from the hardware earnings in the quarterly report, but the segment is steadily growing despite the lacking handset sales.

The steady increase could be attributable to the growing sales of Chromecast devices, laptops, Google Home among a wealth of other products currently available by the internet of things giant.

The Pixel 3 which was announced at a price just shy of Samsung and Apple counterparts, is about to get even cheaper, we are expecting the new line up to be real head turners, stay tuned to find out more as it comes.