Google new feature for Android to control your phone with a smile.

Google is in the midst of developing a new feature for Android that will allow you to control your phone with expressions like a smile.

Being able to control technology with facial expressions has been around for a while now, but it is yet to have been fully utilised in phones.

Facial expressions such as looking up and around or raising your eyebrows could now help you to control your device.

You could scroll, go to the home screen, or review notifications with just a glance at your screen.

The new update will allow you to adjust how sensitive the functions are, because it would be rather annoying if you were laughing at a text and then the phone did something like take a selfie.

The feature is rumoured to be quite power intensive, therefore devices should be plugged in when using it.

It’s pretty easy to grasp that this feature could be massively useful as an accessibility setting for people without the use of their hands or those who struggle with touch screens.

And unlike the voice commands currently available, using expressions mean that they could be used in a library or in public spaces.

The feature is currently only in the Android 12 beta, not currently available on Google play, however it is likely that this accessibility feature will be backward compatible with Android 11.

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