Helpful Hints: Google Home

We thought now would be a good time to have a look at some questions about the new Google Home units, following the huge sales to rival the Prime Day deals.

What is the best smart speaker, well that is a questions which is very much open to interpretation. If your a Prime member its probably Alexa, but our recommendation AI will take the aspects of your lifestyle to provide a solution for you.

Google Home what it works with? Many devices work alongside the Google Assistant, according to Google that count is greater than 1500. these include but are not limited to; Philips Hue light bulbs, Nest security cameras. Spotify and even YouTube.

Google Home SaaS? Having the Google Assistant won’t cost you anything in recurring costs to use the device, however if you sign up to services such as Spotify, these can charge.

Google Home and Smart TV? You can connect your TV to the Google Assistant, but you will either need to have a recent device with Chormecast built in or a Chromecast dongle at present the smart search is limited, but you will have access to the libraries of Netflix, HBO Now, and YouTube TV.

Google Home Hub and Netflix? At present their is no way to watch Netflix directly on the Google Home Hub, however you can link it to the Chromecast and watch it on your TV.

Google Home speaker is it the best? Well as we started this story, it is very much open to interpretation. It depends on many things;

High quality audio? Google Home Max.

Little speaker to sit on your desk or bedside table? Google Home Mini.

Mid size unit for in the kitchen? Google Home,

Smart display? Google Home Hub.

Want to smarten up your home? Check out our artificially intelligent personal assistant.