Huawei ban from the US extended

The ban put in place in June of 2019, stating Huawei could not do business with the US, has been extended by President Donald Trump.

You may remember we started to report of the collapsing relationship between the US and Huawei as it happened last year.

The original order was not specifically targeting Huawei, but any company who threatened the US national security, however many saw this as a mission against the Chinese telecoms equipment manufacturers Huawei and ZTE.

Suppliers were banned from selling products to Huawei, and also stopped Huawei from working with US tech firms.

This order will now be extended a further 12 months, despite the fact the US has been unable to present any evidence of wrongdoing.

Huawei has consistently denied any claim or allegation made against the company by either the US government or parties operating in its interest.

But, despite the ban some companies in more rural parts of the US continue to use the Huawei equipment due to the reduced cost it represents.

Washington has now approved a funding package, which allows these operators to replace Huawei equipment with that or Ericsson or Nokia.

Some US tech firms have however, been given authority to use Huawei parts for non sensitive goods, this may include materials not required to carry communications.

This level of the ambiguity on the stance taken has raised some concerns from US companies though, therefore resulting in no Huawei parts being imported.

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