Huawei Mate X Foldable delayed

Following recent uncertainty over Huawei and their ties with the Chinese government they have delayed the launch of the new Mate X, a foldable handset which is now due for September.

Huawei have placed this decision on the fact the following the Samsung Galaxy Fold unveiling there were “Issues”, therefore they wish to run further tests before release. Following the “Issues” we are still awaiting a release date from Samsung.

“We don’t want to launch a product to destroy our reputation,” it told CNBC.

“The Mate X was always going to come later than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, but the Korean phone-maker’s problems have certainly given Huawei more breathing space,” said Ben Wood from CCS Insight.

“There is little doubt Huawei will have learned lessons from Samsung’s problems and – given the extra scrutiny the Mate X will get as a result – Huawei is well advised to ensure it has every eventuality covered.”

Huawei have not painted a very good picture for themselves the past couple of months, but could that all change with their new €2299 handset, we arent sure, and the price tag certainly has us pondering what they were thinking.

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