Huawei P30 Pro launches, but not in the UK or US

A couple of weeks ago we let you know that despite many warning from the US Huawei still planned to launch their P30 Pro with Android 10.

Now the phone is out and they kept their promise, however there have been a couple of changes to the standard Android setup you would find on your regular mobile.

The phone looks great there is no denying the style which has been sown in the glistening exterior of the handset. With top specs and a massively improved camera you could ask whats not to like.

The problem rests the fat its not clear where the phone will be authorised for sale at present. Google have revoked the licence for Huawei to use any of the Android services on any future devices, this happened earlier this year, caused by an order from the President of the United States.

Therefore, when you unlock the handset you will not be greeted with apps like Gmail, YouTube or the most crucial app for any android, the Google Play Store.

Therefore, Huawei have given in it seems on selling the handset to the British speaking countries such as England, US and Australia.

SO despite the fact the phone tech specs match those of Apple, Samsung or Sony, you wont be able to buy it and without those Google services, it’s unlikely the phone will be able to gather much traction in any country outside of China.

So could this be the end of the Huawei phone making era, well we certainly hope not, they have maintained a standard of handsets which kept the big boys at bay on cost.

Let us hope that the US have another look at the sanctions they have put in place.