iPhone 2019 What’s Coming…

iPhone 11 release date: September 20, 2019 Expected

We have taken this statistic from analysing prior years and would expect it to be quite accurate, we can certainly expect to see more Apple advertising on television and online over the next few weeks.

iPhone 11 price £999 Expected

We are not expecting Apple to lower their prices from last year, however due to the decrease in sales of new handsets over the past couple of years. Which can mostly be attributed to cost, people are holding on to their current handsets and moving onto sim only plans, we could therefore, expect Apple not to increase it any further.

iPhone, iPhone 11 or iPhone XI?

The roman numerals were fun for the 10, however this could play against apple with the new handset as how can you have an XR or XS followed by an XI?


Identical, probably, with one key change being the 3 cameras and square lens housing on the back.


There have been widespread rumours that Apple will be moving to the USB-C setup, however these have been cast aside by several leaks, therefore this year at least we are expecting a return of the Apple lightening port and no Aux port.

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