iPhone repairs could become a whole lot cheaper

Till now getting your iPhone repaired can be very costly if you go the route specified by Apple,so third party repair shops seem more appealing.

However, these came at a cost, Apple recently ensured the depletion of your battery health feature, unless the battery was installed by a authorised provider.

It seems Apple have changed their tune in recent months, launching independent repair programs, which allow third parties to act on their behalf with genuine Apple parts.

The businesses who offer this service will not have to pay premium Apple costs for spare parts. However they will still be scrutinised by Apple as they must apply for this privilege and have an Apple certified technician on their staff.

Despite this however, we see this being a good thing as there will be more Apple approved repairers, therefore costs should reflect this by coming down drastically.

Also when getting your phone repaired you will no longer have to worry that certain features will become unavailable afterwards.

But, the program will only be available in the US for now and is limited to common out of warranty repairs.

Still if it reduces the eye watering costs which come when you smash your screen as you step out of the car, it can only be a good thing when it finally arrives in the UK.