iPhone sales could come to a standstill due to a patent

Two chips firms have launched into a legal battle which could lead to some of the most popular gadgets being stripped from the shelves.

Apple and Google are just a couple of the leading manufacturers who are at this risk due to possible patent breaches.

GlobalFoundries of the US is demanding a ban on the import of processors, which have been manufactured by its rival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, this ban could look to be upheld in the UK and US markets.

TSMC have said the allegations are “baseless” and claim that it will not succeed.

Illegal use of GlobalFoundries intellectual property is claimed to have manifested itself within the iPhone XS and Google Pixel, to name but a few. They claim billions have been made from using the patented tech.

GlobalFoundries are looking to have restrictions places of the technologies in question to prevent import of the chips.

There will still be technology available including Samsung and LG, however for many that will not even be a consideration.

“These lawsuits are aimed at protecting those investments and the US and European-based innovation that powers them,” Gregg Bartlett, senior vice-president of engineering and technology, GlobalFoundries.

“This action is critical to halt Taiwan Semiconductor’s unlawful use of our vital assets and to safeguard the American and European manufacturing base.”

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will no got down easily though, stating they will “fight vigorously and use any and all options to protect our proprietary technologies”.

Doubtless that Apple and Google will also have a few words to say, as the loss in sales value to them could be enormous.

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