It might be the end of days for the LG G range

Have we seen the last of the G range of handsets from LG, it seems that way as in 2018 they release the G8 alongside the V50 ThinQ, however 2020 we see no G9 on the horizon.

In February the LG V60 ThinQ launched, however alongside that no G9 was announced or released.

Korean News site Naver has reported that LG are looking to shake up their smartphone offering, by removing the G series and instead offering more affordable handsets.

The information has apparently been shared with telecoms companies in South Korea.

LG doesn’t have the same smartphone household appeal as it did 10 years ago, more recently that could be due to brands such as Huawei, OnePlus and Google stepping in with their offerings.

LG has released a statement, supposedly disproving the leak, however we cannot read between the lines on whether this means a new G9 in imminent or not.
“For eight generations, the LG G Series has introduced bleeding-edge technology to consumers around the world. From super wide-angle cameras to flexible displays to high-fidelity audio and the Quad DAC to 1440p displays, the G Series has consistently been at the forefront of smartphone innovation since 2012. We look forward to sharing more details soon.”
Navar is under the impression that the replacement for the G series will be harking back to the 2006 LG KG800 Chocolate, which was a big hit when released.

14 years ago…

So the new handset will have 4 rear cameras, included in that will be a 48MP sensor, to get some good snaps.

A Snapdragon 700-series chipset, typically found in the top tier of the mid range handsets, and a 6.7 to 6.9 inch screen,

It has also been rumoured that the LG could have a second screen, a trend that LG just can’t seem to shake.

No time-frame has been given on the new handset, but it is likely LG will not want to release it in line with the V ThinQ range, so probably expect it to be in the tail end of 2020, with the price being considerably less than the G range.

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