Keyless keyboard… What are Apple doing

Have you ever looked at your touchscreen phone and wished it had an actual keyboard. Well Apple has Invented a virtual keyboard, which feels like you are typing on real keys.

You may remember last week we had an article on the speed of typing and in that article it showed the huge gap in speed of typing on a mobile rather than a keyboard, since then the new Apple OS has been released, which allowed you to swerve across the screen to string a word together, doubtless to say they read our article and wanted to improve typing speeds.

“Static pattern electrostatic haptic electrodes a patent just released by Apple, which seems to take the antiquities of bashing a keyboard away. It works using an electrostatic charge reacting with the users finger whilst typing to give the impression of movement and texture.

Apple wish to use the tech on the virtual keyboard in the future, however whether it is brought to iPhones and iPads seems a no brainer, if it really does what it says on the tin.

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