Lexus announces its first electric vehicle the RZ 450e

Lexus announces its first electric vehicle names the RZ 450e due for release later on in 2022 with a tonne of futuristic concepts.

Lexus has yet to release any of the electric prototypes that have been shown off a automotive exhibitions around the world.

However, this is soon to change and on the 20th of April the first of which will hit the mainstream with an official unveiling.

As of now 2 images are available of the car, which seem to show a LFA style front end and a yoke rather than a wheel.

Reviews regarding replacing a wheel with a yoke have been found across the internet relating to other manufacturers who made this choice, and many aren’t great.

Lexus may have missed those reviews though while focusing on catching up with an industry already very much moving to electric.

Lexus has said though that they are planning the introduction of 20 new vehicles by 2025 and 10 of those will be electric, hydrogen or hybrid.

Toyota the parent company of Lexus went on to say that the company would cease production of fossil fuel vehicles entirely by 2035.

A Lexus sports car has also been hinted at, and that should be capable of 700 km (434 miles) and have a 0-60 of under 2 seconds, which is hypercar territory.

Something that has been put forward by the company is “Direct4,” you could think of this as torque vectoring allowing each wheel to be powered independently.

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