LG CineBeam 4K Projector

LG have launched the second-gen CineBeam Laser 4K, with a purse paralyzing price tag of £4820.

But, is it worth it? Well the new CineBeam 4K uses short-throw technology, allowing it to project huge images just inches from the projector itself. An example of that would be a 2″ throw will give you a 90″ image

You’re right that’s nothing, try 7″ and you will get 120″ diagonal display, perfect for inviting your friends and neighbors round for the football. Although, they may get a little jealous. Its great for smaller houses due to the minimal amount of space required for the projector, you’ll just need a large enough white wall.

Ultra HD 4K resolution

The projector will also be voice activated using LG’s own ThinQ, so you wont need to worry when you loose the remote down the side of the sofa.

Another great feature is the projector will in essence be a smart TV with the ability to allow you to roam social media, watch Netflix or Amazon, without the need for a secondary device.

When all is said and done though it is still a lot of money, you could go to the cinema everyday for a year and still have change in your pocket.

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