LG to develop stretchable screens

The South Korean government has commissioned LG to develop stretchable screens, with many different uses including smartphones, wearable tech and televisions.

A press release stated, “the company is aiming to develop stretchable display products with a 20 percent elongation rate by 2024.”

Allowing your phone to stretch like flubber may not just be a thing of sci-fi, but something consumable in the next few years.

LG has said, “stretchable displays are considered to be the ideal next-generation technology because they can shift in ‘free form’, similar to the way a rubber band stretches, while not affecting the quality of displays such as through screen distortion.

“By comparison, existing commercial flexible display technologies such as bendable, foldable, and rollable panels excel only in particular areas or directions. Thus, stretchable displays are considered the final phase of the evolution of flexible displays.”

The technology presents us with a clear advantage for many sectors including medical, engineering and personal.

Allowing a handheld device to be stretched to allow better viability of the information shown on screen, doctors researching x-rays or architects capturing a larger area within the device.

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