Linken Park tune up the new Porsche EV

US Safety body the National Highway Traffic Safely Administration (NHTSA) has come out saying that owners of electric cars should be given the ability to choose what their cars sound like.

In the US, electric vehicles (EV’s) must make a noise when travelling less than 19mph.

The road safely regulator have stated that the EV’s pose a risk to the “blind and sighted pedestrians, as well as bicyclists”.

Calls to introduce the low speed sounds were introduced in 2010 and legislation to ensure compliance was mandated in 2016, however will not become law now until 2020.

At speeds greater than 19mph the tyre noise and wind resistance are deemed suitable to warn other road users or pedestrians.

Originally the NHTSA only demanded one type of sound to be made by the vehicles, however following requests from car manufacturers several sounds may now be permitted.

Mercedes AMG has worked with Linken Park to create cool and creative sounds for their EV range, whereas Porsche offer a £400 upgrade to the electric Taycan to make it sound like the petrol equivalent.

In Europe it seems we are ahead as the noisy EV was mandated on the 1st of July this year.

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