Massive photography upgrade for Google Pixel handsets

Users of the Google Pixel got an early Christmas present this year, which took the form of new feature upgrades for their handsets.

The latest feature drop has finally been revealed, and its a big one, focusing on photography and the capability users have in editing their snaps.

Photography is already one of the major pulls to bring people on board with the Google Pixel brand, but now users will also be able to blur the background of photos, even historic photos on the device.

The Pixel range in the UK and Ireland will also receive the new much improved, in speed and artificial intelligence, Google Assistant.

Live Caption, a new feature for just the Google Pixel 3 and 3a, will allow users to caption their audio with AI.

The memory management is also getting an overhaul, with “proactive compression”, basically like zipping a file on your desktop. This will work on background apps in order to assist with the smooth running of the Pixel whilst multitasking.

In the US users will also have a feature picking out cold calls and offering that information to the users so they are able to decide whether they wish to answer or not.

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