Mercedes-Benz new electric concept G-Wagen, SUV

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the all new electric concept of the G-Wagen, the rugged SUV now with some touches of future.

Officially known as the Concept EQG, Mercedes-Benz has given little detail as to what the new SUV will bring to the market.

With no ideas about the range of the vehicle or the battery size all we really have to go on is the styling, but boy does it look good.

They have given mention that the vehicle will be four-wheel drive if and when it hits the stores.

Low ad high gear ratios in addition to 22 inch rims, makes out the car could be semi ok off road.

The EQS features a similar paintjob to the new SUV with a two tone style, also the grill shares some similarities with other concept Mercedes.

If the EQC does arrive it will be joining a very busy area of electric SUV’s so will it be able to compete?

The G-Wagen has long been hailed as an off-roading giant, loved by many since it was brought into production in 1979.

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