More electric vehicles registered over diesel cars

More electric vehicles have been registered over the past 2 months over diesel cars, does this mean the public opinion of diesel has changed?

In the past 2 years electric car sales have actually overtaken diesel on three occasions, despite the fact that new car registrations have fallen by a third.

The chip shortage and pingdemic have had dire effects on the UK car new car market.

Petrol vehicles are still flying high above both electric and diesel cars, despite the ban on electric vehicles being just 9 years away, in 2030.

In July the sales of electric or hybrid vehicles managed to climb to 29% of the market share, diesel was at just 7%.

In the UK the number plates change in September, therefore July is usually a lot slower anyway, but this year the drop in sales has been exponential.

Diesel powered vehicles have been in the spotlight over the last few years due to numerous scandals, where manufacturers disclosed incorrect emissions in order too make their cars appear more ecological.

In 2015 diesel cars made up almost 50% of new vehicle sales, however the dieselgate scandal, alongside further fears surrounding the use of the fuel.

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