More Zoom security updates on the way

Zoom implementing new security standard to counter hackers attempting to “Zoombomb” video calls.

Many Zoom calls have been interfered with already filling video conferences with abusive content.

All users will now be requested to create a password for the conference call sessions, even free users of the software.

This is following outrage due to a hackers posting child abuse images on a sexual assault awareness conference call.

The security of Zoom has been all over the news in the past few weeks, as it is one of the few means of meeting people during the current pandemic.

This, the latest in security updates to the platform will be implemented on the 9th of May, a new level of encryption is also on route with an expected delivery date of may 30th.

Zoom say the enhanced encryption will, “provide increased protection for meeting data and resistance against tampering”.

The perpetrators of the video call hacking are unlikely to be getting their comeuppance, as the hacking is so fast it is hard to identify and track them.

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