Motorola One Macro Review

The Motorola handsets seem to have lost a bit of their appeal since the dawn of smartphones, the Razr one of the most aesthetically pleasing phones is coming back though after its slumber

They are also expanding on the range of One devices, with the One Macro, leaks started pouring out about the new handset a few weeks ago, but the official Motorola announcement has just made the press.

It’s definitely not the flagship device which some may have been dreaming of, however the features definitely pack a punch.

The One Macro does exactly as the name suggests, ”a lens suitable for taking photographs unusually close to the subject.”. Thus allowing you to take snaps like you would expect from a high end camera of insects or food.

Some handsets have already been equipped with this feature, like the Honor 20 Pro, but since most manufacturers have come up with means to replicate the detailed close up shots, the Macro lens hasn’t struck much of a chord with consumers so far.

Most Manufacturers are more focused on the quality of the photos, night shots or wide angles. But, if bugs take your fancy it’s probably worth a look.

The launch date for the phone is set for October 24th, and if you want to snap some centipedes why not pop out and take a look. We are expecting the handset to be very affordable as the Motorola team hinge on the Razr flagship to bring in the big bucks.

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