Natwest and RBS revoke smartphone app for Samsung Galaxy S10

Both RBS and Natwest have pulled their app offering from the new Samsung Galaxy S10 due to the security flaw discovered earlier this month.

We ran an article which jokingly explained how the use of certain screen protectors has severe security flaws, relating this to Greg James on Radio 1 when he has recently been trying to get people to unlock their phones with toes and other body parts.

Well S10 owners will now be unable to download the application till the flaw has been fixed.

RBS and Natwest are sister companies, and they have encouraged their customers with S10 handsets to disable the biometrics on the handset for now.

However, they are yet to confirm that this message has been passed to all 200,000 of their customers who use the S10 handset.

Nationwide Building Society ad HSBC has issues similar warning to their customers. Along with other banks around the globe.

No reports of this security flaw being used for wrongdoings have surfaced so far, however banks are urging their customers to be vigilant.

An HSBC UK spokeswoman said: “We have been in direct contact with customers who may be affected by the potential Samsung security issue, and have recommended that they disable their phone’s fingerprint authentication until a fix is confirmed and they’ve updated their device.”

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