New feature added to Tesla Assertive Self-Driving mode

Some new feature have been added to the Tesla Self-Driving mode these include assertive, which makes the car drive more like an Audi driver.

Well, that isn’t quite true, as the car won’t drive as aggressively as some people on the road, but it’s still more aggressive than the original self-driving.

The new mode will allow the car to tailgate a bit closer, change lanes more frequently, not leave the overtaking lane and utilise rolling stops.

Many safety groups discourage human drivers from partaking in some of the actions, but Tesla clearly has decided to overlook that.

There will be 3 new modes in the up and coming release, as mentioned Assertive will be one, the other two will consist of Chill and Average.

The modes were actually first released in October, however the update was pulled due to some issues not involving the driving modes.

The car monitor states when selecting Assertive mode, “Your Model X will have a smaller follow distance, perform more frequent speed lane changes, will not exit passing lanes and may perform rolling stops.”

Of course, this technology is only being released in the US so far, however some states do have laws restricting some of the new features, such as the rolling stops.

Another feature which seems like it may cause concerns is to not leave the overtaking lane, which again in some US States is illegal, specifically you cannot join the overtaking lane unless you wish to overtake, then you must re-join the prior lane once the manoeuvre is complete.

Tesla has not yet commented on whether the new modes are designed for state laws, or whether in certain states you must remain in the Chill or Average mode.

There has already been several collisions involving the Tesla Self-Driving function, although to date little blame has been on the manufacturer due to the drivers often being asleep at the wheel, something which is not authorised by Tesla.

Provided your hands are on the wheel and you are seated in the driving seat you can activate self-driving mode, however there are many persons stating they have found ways around this safety feature.

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