New LG to roll down from the ceiling, not up from the floor

LG announced a new version of their rollable television at the CES 2020. The TV will not roll up, but down form the ceiling.

The concept is very cool, much like the projectors which many kids will have had at school, where the whiteboard unrolls down, this television will do the same.

LG has been continually leaking information about the new rollable devices, which are being worked upon, however this is very different in how it rolls down rather than up.

Unfortunately, however LG failed to release the rollable TV last year, which was promised at the same CES show in Vegas/

Sharp, however, have been on point and released their rollable to last year, despite it still being quite a lot of money.

So with this down rolling TV it is no wonder that LG press department have failed to mention a release date.

In addition to all this new cool tech, LG are really turning up the heat on transport, with screens for cars and planes all over the shop.

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