New LG Velvet flagship phone

The LG Velvet, the next flagship handset from the South Korean manufacturer is on route, running the Snapdragon 765 processor from Qualcomm.

A new video has been released showing off the design characteristics of the new phone, thin bezels teardrop cameras and triple lens camera on the rear.

The colours that the handset is shown in are white, black, red and green, therefore we are making an informed guess that these are the colours, which the handset will be available in.

But, it’s the materials used that will make up the unique selling points of the handset, they all shimmer like the pearlescent paint on a 1999 TVR Tuscan.

The design other than that is not much to go by, however worthwhile mentioning that the 3.5mm headphone jack will still be available for those repulsed buy the lack of it in most flagship handsets these days.

The Snapdragon 765 logo is visible toward the end of the video, showing that rather than choosing the most powerful Snapdragon 865, LG has opted a less powerful alternate.

The LG Velvet is effectively the G9 in a different skin however LG decided to drop the G range, there are many speculation for the reasoning behind this.

The launch has been unofficially announced as the 15th of May.

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