New Polestar unveiled the Polestar 3

The new Polestar has been unveiled or at least most of it under some camouflage, it will be titled the Polestar 3 and manufactured in the United States.

Polestar as some may now is the futuristic electronic Volvo sub-brand currently comprised of just two vehicles.

The Polestar 1 is a hybrid coupe with a high price tag and the Polestar 2 is an all-electric saloon, this addition of the Polestar three will introduce the first Polestar SUV.

The Polestar 3 is due for release in 2022, then following that the Polestar 4 will be a compact SUV in 2023, then in 2024 there is plans for the Polestar 5, an all-electric sports saloon.

The Polestar 3 will be the first of the Volvo sub brands to be developed in the United States.

The SUV once released will have quite the competition, including the Tesla Model X, Audi E-tron and Mercedes EQC.

Thomas Ingenlath the CEO of Polestar said, “We will build in America for Americans.”

The Polestar is like many of the other high-end vehicles being released to date and will come with a partially autonomous self-driving.

Unlike Tesla, Polestar will be using the more common lidar approach to self-driving, as opposed to relying on other means.

Named the Scalable Product Architecture or SPA2, will be delivered on both the Polestar 3 and XC90 in 2022.

Polestar was originally the performance wing of Volvo, but now it has become the futuristic sub-brand, with a completely different perspective to that of Volvo, which some may recall as being a bit of a boring car.

The specs for the new Polestar are not yet available, however to hazard a guess, 300 mile range, 0-60 in under 5 and 400bhp.

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