Next Tesla batteries produced by Panasonic enhance the ranges

The next Tesla batteries will be produced by Panasonic using next generation Lithium-ion technology to enhance the ranges available to the EVs.

Panasonic has not disclosed that the mass production initiated for Tesla, will be offered to other manufacturers.

This new generation of lithium-ion batteries have been promised to increase the range and reduce the production and sales costs.

The new batteries could increase the range of vehicles by about 20%, however Tesla has only guaranteed a 16% range increase.

Tesla has although already signified interest in developing the batteries in house, with some very large premises already prospected for production.

The new batteries will also reduce costs by up to 14% per cell, which should reduce the final cost of the EV with batteries considered to make up 30% of the cost at present.

Musk has previously tweeted, “We intend to increase, not reduce battery cell purchases from Panasonic, LG & CATL.”

Musk has also Tweeted that he plans for Tesla to begin mass production of cells this year.

Tesla is planning production on the same 4680 size cells and is planning to ship them in their production cars this year.

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