Nottingham station is about to trial wireless taxi charging station

Electric vehicles seem to be the way of the future, but charging them can still be difficult until now, wireless charging in Nottingham station.

Nottingham will be trialing this for taxis waiting at the rank in Nottingham.

£3.4m is being put toward this by the government, this will allow 5 charging plates to be set up.

The pilot will be 6 month long and is requiring the electric taxis to be fitted with aftermarket wireless charging hardware.

The pilot is predominantly aimed at improving the air quality in the city, and the decision to do this was mentioned to be “vital” by government officials.

Wireless charging has been deemed as a more convenient solution for electric vehicles than the clutter of cabled charging points, this said by the Department of Transport.

The solution also has the potential to be made public, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Andrea Leadsom, said: “Charging technology, including wireless, is vital in giving consumers confidence to make the switch from petrol to electric cars.

“This pioneering trial in Nottingham, and others like it, will help us take crucial steps towards lower emissions and cleaner air.

“We are determined to end our contribution to global warming entirely by 2050 – and delivering cleaner and greener transport systems is a key part of this”.

The council will own the vehicles and provide them rent free to the drivers of the pilot, however no date has been set for the start.

It is presumed that the pilot will start this year, but not date has been set in stone.

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