OnePlus Seven equals eight.. No! Hang on this is a phone review.

Just to start on a negative, the OnePlus 7 isn’t the phone you want if you care for the latest and best tech, unfortunately in that scenario you need to the One Plus 7 Pro, however it does have a great design and it priced more reasonably than its competition.

The company have not previously announced 2 handsets at the same time so this is a first for them. But, while most providers will sell 2 almost identical handsets just with a smaller screen like the iPhone XS, OnePlus have actually removed some features as well.

OnePlus, however, are still marketing the 7 as a premium handset, despite also releasing the pro. Both handsets will be sold in the uk, but wont be out till June at the earliest, the exact date has yet to be released. As for the price well that has been shared and will sit around the £500 mark.

The handset has been styled off the OnePlus 6T which isnt a bad look, but is starting to look a little dated compared to the best of breed currently on the market. The phone also comes with an on screen fingerprint scanner which works well, and looks better than having a separate bezel.

Surprisingly though a IP rating is not available for the handset, possibly yet to be released, but likely it won’t be a feature on the phone so leave it on charge when you take a shower.

A 6.41-inch AMOLED display on the front of the phone with a 2340 x 1080 display looks great, clear picture and nice colours. Only one colour is available, Mirror Gray. Stereo speakers, which is a uncommon for OnePlus, but we are pleased to see they have opted for this on the 7, as it offers a far superior sound..

So its not a phone which is going to steal the show, but there is definitely a market for it as the price is so respectful and the handset is still pretty good.

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