Oppo foldable phone first device of its kind the Find N

Oppo has announced a foldable phone which is in fact the first device of its kind from Oppo and it’s due to be released this month as the Find N.

Pete Lau the company CEO released a blog alongside the chief product office, with an availability date set for the 15th of December.

Very little in terms of technical specs have been released so far, however in the twitter post there is a teaser trailer.
This trailer shows a device similar in style to the Samsung Fold Z, a smaller outer screen with both sides showing full screen displays on the inside.

Lau has been very clear in the post that they are quite late to the party with foldable phones, however he says it is worth the wait as the devices released to date haven’t got the, “utility, durability, and user experience” to make foldable mainstream “For Oppo, it is better to launch a product at a later date when it is ready to offer a great user experience instead of simply rushing to keep up with trends”.

6 prototypes and four years of R&D have gone into the new Find N, with the first prototype being deliver in 2018.

Previously the company released a teaser with a screen that wrapped around the device as opposed to being inside like a clamshell.

“For a foldable smartphone, both the closed-screen and open-screen experience should be equally simple to use,” explained Lau.

“Then on top of that, we should create a groundbreaking efficient experience that a traditional smartphone cannot provide.”

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