Quick Downloads or Hurricane Warning

Concerns have arisen in regard to 5G mobile data networks interfering with weather satellites.

“deeply concerning”.stated a group of scientific bodies to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), The communications are “crucially important for public safety and scientific research”.

Delays to the implementation of 5G networks have been requested due to the interference caused by increased communications activity which could delay the reporting of important weather information.

“The loss of seconds can mean the difference between safety and grave risk to life and property,” stated executive of AccuWeather Jonathan Porter. Basically the band which the US 5G networks want to use are the same as those the meteorologists use, which could lead to delays in the information being transferred.

“How much interference may be caused depends largely on where new 5G networks spring up”, stated Prof William Webb, independent consultant

“If it’s only deployed in city centres it probably won’t cause interference, but if it’s used in large volumes near the meteorological sites then yes it could,”

What do you think, should the US impair their meteorologists in their race to 5G supremacy, or should they take a step back and make sure they are able to reduce the risk?

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