Refunds for Google “dumb” glasses

Refunds due for customers of Google smart glasses as they become “dumb” glasses in just a few days time.

The Canadian company North, acquired by Google recently has announced that the Focals, or their smart glasses are going to stop functioning on Friday.

The company has stated that owners will be able to use no features of the £460 gadgets that they purchased.

However, it isn’t all bad news as those customers will be receiving a full refund for their purchases, meaning they have had cool gadgets for free for the past few years.

All those who purchased will receive a refund automatically on the payment card, however if that fails they will be contacted by the company.

North was acquired by Google at the end of June, at this time the announcement was made that a second-generation device would not be released.

At the same time the announcement was made that the first generation devices would be wound down, despite only being released last year.

Customers were made aware of this though a email and statement from the company website.

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