Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 what to expect

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 what should we be expecting, the next rendition of the handset will be available this year, but what will change?

Rumours previously surfaced that the handset may have a S Pen stylus, however this may no longer be the case following in insider leak.

According to the leak the Fold 2 is likely to be very similar to its predecessor both in design and the features it will be offering, this is in order to speed up production times.

The biggest difference will be the weight, the new handset will supposedly only weight in at 229g, which is less than the original fold handset by a whopping 34g, this may not sound like much, but a 2000 mAh battery weighs 32 grams.

Another rumour circling is the fact the new Fold 2 will have a camera array more similar to that we have seen on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is a fantastic example of photographic equipment.

There will hopefully also be more colours in the Fold 2 including blue and green variants, however this is again yet to be confirmed.

The next thing is the price that surprisingly seems to be coming in at a similar value to the original, if not a touch more, however with smartphone sales as they are it will be a surprise if many are sold anyway.

That’s all the news we have for the moment, however we will keep you updated as we hear more.

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