Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

The current Samsung flagship device is a fantastic look into what is to come from this Korean manufacturer. With excellent features and a robust shell the S7 really set the benchmark for this generation of handsets.


As a first time Android user (previously Apple) many of you will be shocked to hear that I decided to move away from a brand that is regarded by many as the best mobile manufacturer in the world. However, when I purchased the S7, the iPhone 7 had just been released and it really didn’t offer anything for me to get excited about. Beside the obvious loss of the headphone jack. It really just didn’t seem that interesting.


The main reason I had remained an Apple user for many years was due to the ease of using their operating system. Whilst using the Apple operating system had become second nature to me, attempting to use older Android devices would drive me to rage. Something as simple as attempting to copy and paste an article to a text would become a time consuming and frustrating task. However the new updated Android operating system found on the S7 has not yet presented any of these flaws to me. Yes, when I first started to use the handset there were some things that I had to get used to – but this was to be expected when transitioning between operating systems.



Plus the Samsung has some awesome features. The hardware, the camera, the design, and the water & dust resistant IP68 shell all combine to make a fantastic phone that I can use anywhere at anytime. Yet to come is the S8, so let’s wait and see what thrills we have in store when we finally get a preview into the new flagship device.