Samsung Mobile next year cheaper foldable phones.

The President of Samsung Mobile, TM Roh, has dropped quite the bombshell about what to expect from the company next year including cheaper foldable phones.

The product roadmap for the next 12 months was dropped into a blog post with some very interesting tech on the way.

We expect the official Samsung event to be held in January, however this blog has given us some insights on what to expect.

S Pen support has been mentioned in the blog and the implication may be a wider range of handsets offering this hardware.

Additionally to that the 2021 range of phones will broaden the offering of foldable handsets with some cheaper options coming to market.

The intended “portfolio of foldables” definitely seems like it will spike the interest of some Android lovers, but does it have the appeal for Apple fans just yet.

At present a folding phone will set you back anywhere from £1,000 to £2,000 which is quite a price for a phone.

However, rumours have been circling about a new Z Fold “Lite” sometime in 2021.

So it does appear that Samsung may be trying to make the phone more affordable than those currently on the market, I guess we will have to wait till the event to find out for certain.

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