Samsung S20 camera specs have been leaked

The newly named and much anticipated flagship Samsung of 2020 is due for launch tomorrow, however it seems the Samsung S20 specifications have already been leaked.

We are expecting not 1, not 2, but 3 handsets to be announced tomorrow, the standard S20 as well as a Plus and Ultra, the leaks talk about the cameras that will be featured.


The leaks make it clear that the S20 handset will host 3 camera lens on the rear of the device, two 12MP one wide lens and the other ultra-wide, the third camera will back a 64MP telephoto lens.

The S20 Plus appears much the same as the S20, except it will host one additional sensor, which could be a dedicated depth sensor.

And last but not least the Ultra, seemingly kicking the other versions out of the park, at least from a camera point of view. A 40MP front facing camera, but that is just the start, there is also a 12MP ultra wide angle as seen on the other devices. A telephoto lens that has 48MP, likely to host quad-pixel technology in order to product an ultra crisp 12MP photo.

The quad lens will also allow far superior optical zoom than other handsets. Finally, Samsung has paired depth sensors on the rear of the device, with a whopping 108MP wide angle camera.

This shows that Samsung are making a real jump with the images the handset should be able to produce, also explains one of the reasons they have jumped to S20 rather than S11.

Finally we are expecting the Plus and Ultra to be 5G handsets, which will help fill the empty market

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