Samsung televisions remotely disabled if stolen

The new range of Samsung televisions are now capable of being remotely disabled if stolen from the owners.

The Television block function is the feature and it has been recently activated in South Africa following thefts of a number of units from a warehouse.

Samsung has explained the tech is actually, “already pre-loaded on all Samsung TV products” and “ensures that the television sets can only be used by the rightful owners with a valid proof of purchase.”

Samsung has not made clear whether the feature is only available for mass theft or for all owners upon the theft of a device.

Samsung need the serial code of the unit, then when the television is connected to the internet it will be disabled.

The televisions stolen in South Africa were from a Samsung warehouse, so they would have known the serial numbers immediately.

But, will Tom, Dick and Harry know the serial numbers of their units if stolen, or will the box have been thrown in the recycling months ago.

Whether Samsung allow users to contact them with a serial number is yet to e known, but if that is all you need and not proof of purchase you could imagine a few televisions being disabled across the country ”for a joke”.

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