Samsung Televisions, What’s New?

In the next 12 months Samsung are looking to further the work they have started on Micro LED, featuring millions of microscopic blue, red, and green LEDS for an incredible level of color and light control. Top end, there’s the new 219-inch model of ‘The Wall’, and slightly smaller, but still top end ‘The Window’, created using compacted clusters of LEDS. The future of the range is looking to offer flexibility, customizing the aspect ratio for the user requirements.

The flagship QLED or quantum dot, is still in its rightful place, right at the forefront. As a variation on the original LED LCD panels that hold their magnificent brightness at about four or five times the brightness of HD/SDR TV which you may be used to watching.

Every QLED released this year will be featuring a new ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’, this means, reworking the backlight to improve contrast and colour accuracy even at tighter angles. This seems to have taken off, and certainly is holding its ground compared to the curved televisions from 2016-17, which seem to have now lost their appeal.

For those lovers of AI, you will be pleased to hear Samsung will be releasing the range with the virtual assistant Bixby, this will be in addition to the vast array of tech where they already offer this feature.
Improvements made to the AI algorithm will mean your Samsung TV will recommend content and apps relevant to your search history. This will also include compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and SmartThings connected smart home devices. Let’s not over look that the smart home is coming to your TV with the shared compatibility allowing multiple devices to share features through the TV.

The new Samsung features also include links with Apple and their media sharing service, as well as the home setup which allows you to customise the sound direction for your perfect seats.

Samsung’s Ambient Mode means when TV is turned off, Ambient Mode allows the TV to mimic the colour and pattern of the walls which surround the TV. The Ambient Mode also allows for music, news, whether, and even traffic, if you need that from a television?
So what is next for Samsung, bigger, smarter or brighter, well we are expecting all three and more, and that’s not just from the televisions.


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