Samsung to get ‘Slofies’

The iPhone 11 has hit the shelves and many were sceptical of the ‘#Slofies’, despite this Samsung seem to have decided to adopt the feature in the next Galaxy range.

The information about this has been leaked from the beta for One UI 2, the newest Samsung smartphone interface, as spotted by Sam Mobile.

One UI is the interface laid over the majority of Galaxy Android handsets, with the One UI 2 being the most recent iteration, designed for Android 10 it is currently in beta testing.

The feature itself is simply a portmanteau, talking selfie and slow motion to make ‘Slofie”. This consists of a front facing camera which will allow you to take a slow motion picture.

Interestingly the first ever selfie was actually taken in 1839 by a Robert Cornelius, however the term selfi was not coined till 2002, when an Australian man, Nathan Hope, getting drunk at his 21st birthday and posting a picture of his stitched lip, with the caption “sorry about the focus, it was a selfie”.

Slow motion is already available on the latest Samsung Galaxy flagships with videos shooting at 960fps. However, the ‘Slofie’ camera will not be going to these extremes.

Despite the fact that the Beta is only available to a limited few at present, we would expect the ‘Slofie’ feature to come as standard with the next wave of models, including the S11 and Note 11.

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