Sky just launched Sky Glass television, but complaints

Sky has only just launched the new Sky Glass television, but they are already receiving complaints regarding teething problems in the system.

With built in Dolby Atmos and no need for a Sky dish, the TV was on course for being a hit with Sky customers.

However, it seems that the screen are receiving many complaints relating to screen flickering and playback issues.

Sky are releasing a software update to fix the problems experienced by users, but have they already fallen at the first hurdle and with customer confidence remain?

The official launch date of the new television was the 18th of October and many customer have taken to social media and Sky forums regarding their issues.

One customer said, “When watching anything I keep getting distracted by the occasional flash/blink in the top right-hand corner of the picture”.

Sky claim the Sky Glass has already captured a lot of interest and that feedback has been good, however will it stay that way if the problem is not corrected.

Sky claim the complaints have come from a very low number of the Sky Glass customers and will be rendered false when the update is pushed live.

The smallest version of the television comes in at £649, however prices hike up to £1,049 the larger you go.

Sky also claim the device is carbon neutral.

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